Born in Kemi, Lapland, Finland
Lives in Los Angeles and summers in Hanko, Gulf of Finland


1981-83 Free Art School, Helsinki

1983 California State University, Long Beach

1983-84 University of Industrial Design, Helsinki

1983-88 Academy of Fine Arts of Finland, Helsinki (BFA)

1984 San Fransisco Art Institute, San Fransisco

1985-87 School of Visual Arts, New York (MFA)

1996 New York Film Academy

1998 University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) Film Dept.


1985 Galleria Bronda, Helsinki

1986 Chuck Levitan Gallery, New York

1987 Galerie Kaj Forsblom, Helsinki

1988 Alex Gallery, Washington D.C.

1988 Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki

1990 Boibrino Gallery, Stockholm

1991 Wellamo, Helsinki

1992 Galleria Bronda, Helsinki

1993 Venice Art Walk, Los Angeles

1993 Galleria Grafiart, Turku-Abo

1194 Venice Art Walk, Los Angeles

1994 Louie Emanuel Gallery, Los Angeles

1995 Galerie GNG, Paris

1995 Galerie Kaj Forsblom, Helsinki

1996 Boibrino Gallery, Stockholm

2000 Galleria Uusitalo, Helsinki

2002 Galleria Eeva Pinomaa, Hanko

2003 Galleria Uusitalo, Helsinki

2004 Galleria Eeva Pinomaa, Hanko

2006 Galleria Eeva Pinomaa, Hanko

2007 Kemi Art Museum, Kemi

2007 Galleria Bronda, Helsinki

2008 Galleria Eeva Pinomaa, Hanko

2010 Galleria Joutsen, Helsinki


1986 Visual Arts Museum, New York

1986 Galleria Bronda, Helsinki

1987 Visual Arts Gallery, New York - Curated by Walter Bannard

1987 Visual Arts Gallery, New York - Curated by Lucio Pozzi

1987 The First International Art Exhibition

1987 The Art Barn Association, Washington D.C.

1987 Patricia Heesy Gallery, New York

1987 Museum at the National Arts Foundation at IBEX International, Washington D.C.

1987-97 Alex Gallery, Washington D.C.

1988 Sophia Gallery, New York

1988 "Five Nordics", Privatbanken Gallery, New York

1989 City of Helsinki Art Museum, Kluuvi Gallery, Helsinki

1990 "Broken Barriers: Non-objective abstraction" Butters Gallery, Portland, Oregon

1990 Stockholm Art Fair, Persons-Lindell Gallery

1990 "Gold Show", Butters Gallery, Portland, Oregon

1990 Wäinö Aaltonen Museum, Turku/Abo; "Päiväkirja" (Diary)

1994 Galerie Claridge, Paris

1994 Hotel de Ville, Limeil-Brevannes

1994 Centre Culturel, Dugny

1995 Darmstädter Sezession, 29. Jahresaustellung, Darmstadt

1995 Düsseldorf Kunstpalast, Düsseldorf

1995 Krakow Museum of Art, Krakow

1995 Farid Chaib Gallery, Los Angeles

1996 Galerie GNG, Paris

1996 Lahti Art Museum, Lahti; "Primavera"

1997 Galerie GNG, Paris

2000 Galerie GNG, Paris

2004 Alex Gallery, Washington DC

2005 Art7938, Los Angeles

2010 "Finnish Glass Lives", The Finnish Glass Museum, Riihimaki

2016 Galleria Bronda, Helsinki


1983 Solo Multimedia Performance, Intercontinental Auditorium, Tokyo

1985 Solo Multimedia Performance, Finlandia Hall, Helsinki

1987 Mefistofele, Benefit for New York City Opera The Puck Building, New York


1996 "Pekka Korpinen Karilla", 30 min interview and documentary pilot program on the Deputy Mayor of Helsinki and urban art and architecture

1996 "Kirsti Paakkanen Karilla", 30 min. pilot program on the woman who saved the Marimekko company

1996 "Master Class" , report for Valopilkku-culture magazine TV Program for YLE-TV1, Finnish National Television

1997 "Looking for God", 40-min for YLE-TV1

1997 "Childhood and mental survival", 45-min for YLE-TV1


1996 " Rex" - Short Film (16 mm) about New York as a Gothic City of dreams and destiny. ( 3,5 min)

1996 " The Audition" - Short Film (16 mm) about a dancer's dream in New York.( 14 min )

1997 Finalist at Tampere Film Festival 1997

1998 " Icebreaker"- screenplay for a feature film. Diane Thomas screenwriting competition - honorable mention.

2000 " The Missing Embryos" - screenplay for a feature film

2000 " February Girl"-screenplay for a short-film,funded by AVEK


1987 The Finnish National Distillers (ALKO),Inc Artist of the Year for Finlandia Vodka


The State of Finland Collection, The Kingdom of Sweden Collection, City of Helsinki, Bank of Finland, Kansallis Banking Group, Union Bank of Finland, Industrialization Fund of Finland, American Scandinavian Banking Corporation, Nordic Investment Bank, Banque Nordeurope S.A., Yamaichi Securities, Svenska Handesbanken, The Kouri Collection, Marna and Rockwell Schnabel Collection and other private and corporate collections in Europe, United States and Japan.


1993 Awarded by American-Scandinavian Foundation (USA)

Scandinavian of the Month (09/93)

2007-2011 Glass Design for Muurla Glass Company, Finland

2011 Ding Dong-Life is Good (TM)

Art for Pleasure Products and Design



Curriculum Vitae - art

Born in Kemi, Lapland, Finland. LIves in Los Angeles…

David L. Shirey

Fusion of remote grandeur, elan and basic essences…

Photos from 2007 Kemi Art Museum, Kemi